“Lost Girl” Recap (3.05): At first touch


While blue-eyed Bo comes out to play and goes all Succu Smash on the henchmen, Tamsin and Dyson are dealing with the Bacchus himself. Seems over the centuries he has had too much of a good thing and now the only way for him to feel pleasure is to mate with the manta and experience its conquests through its tentacles. Come on, isn’t there like Fae Viagra he could take instead? He tries to put the pimp cane whammy on Tamsin and Dyson, but Dyson turns it around on him and the god of debauchery gets drilled one last time.

Then as Super Bo continues her rampage, Lauren realizes something is wrong. This isn’t just her succu-strength. This is something primal. Something angry. Something that can’t be controlled. And Lauren knows she must stop her right away.

So she reaches out to find the humanity in the woman she loves. Reaches back to when they first met. How she knew the moment they met. The moment her cold stethoscope touched Bo’s back. Her touch, fingers lingering. And then Bo’s back. She collapses, back in Lauren’s arms.

Back at Lauren’s place the couple does what all good gay lady couples do – they process. Bo doesn’t know what happened. Whether she killed the woman. What is happening to her. Lauren doesn’t really either, but uses the diplomatic speak of many, many therapy sessions saying it’s clear Bo is a “very complex creature.”

Lauren says they’ll face whatever comes, together. But declares she won’t be involved in Bo’s extracurricular mealtimes anymore. I mean, she’s a rationale scientist but she also has a heart and emotions and Big Lesbian Feelings. A gal can only take so much. Bo calls her amazing and Dr. Hotpants agrees. Yes, she is amazing. They are amazing. And let no wolf or UnKenzi tear them asunder. Unfortunately, I think even without outside help the sunder is coming. Because when Bo leaves Lauren picks up her phone and makes a call. She tells whomever is on the other line that there is something very wrong with Bo.

And the hits just keep on coming. Because now Dyson thinks something is very wrong with Bo, too – of the homicidal variety. He promises to follow through to the end of he murder investigation to a very pleased Tamsin. And, if that wasn’t enough, unbestie Kenzi has what appears to be a romantic dinner for two set up for Bo when she gets home. A romantic dinner of spicy noodles – spicy noodles covered in peanuts, which Kenzi is deathly allergic to. Bo finally catches on and grabs the imposter by the throat demanding to know what happened to the real Kenzi. So say we all.


Never mind the CGI — the budget on boob tape on this show must be astronomical.


No Kenzi, no Kenzism. Bring back the real Kenzi. Bring her back now.

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