“Lost Girl” Recap (3.05): At first touch

Without ever receiving the SOS text from Lauren, Bo walks right into the police station and into a skeptical Tamsin. She says she’s going to be Bo’s sexy shadow as she investigates the gooey bacchanalia. Will you two just make out and get it over with? Your intense hate sexual tension is ridiculous and I’m sure there’s already a fandom portmanteau for you two. Bamsin? To? God no, those are terrible. Wait, wait – Copubus. Oh, ladies, you never let me down. Also, Tamsin, honey – eyes up.

Bo and her so-called bestie get ready for their sexytimes adventure at the club once more. And UnKenzi continues to be the unKenzi-like while driving a stake further between Bo and Lauren with her first out-and-out lie. Because Lauren would never put duty before Bo’s booty, at least anymore. But UnKenzi tells Bo Lauren tattled on her to Dyson about the dead woman. OK, the earrings are coming off and we’re going to throw down. No one lies about Doccubus love and walks away with all of her hair on her head.

Lauren calls and everyone suspects the worst about everyone else without ever talking it out – Bo thinks Lauren told on her, Lauren thinks Bo has something with Dyson. The Real Kenzi better come back soon and fix this because I am not letting this little imposter ruin everything. We’ve survived spybanging, a wolfman and a girlfriend in a coma. We can survive this too.

But then, silly me, I realize all my worry was wasted because just as Dyson, Tamsin, Bo and UnKenzi show up at the club, who should descend the staircase and take everyone’s breath away?

Yeah, that’s who. And with one dropped-jaw look at Lauren we know everything’s gonna be alright. Who wants the old wolf when you could have this fox? Lauren is all science, reasons, science, reasons, science. But we all know she put on that amazing dress and did her hair just so to remind Bo, and the world, just what she has waiting at home for her.

UnKenzi, Bo and Lauren head out to the special key room to find out what’s making all the humans go super splooge. Well it turns out someone in the Lost Girl writers room has been reading a lot of Japanese tentacle erotica. Because the monster is an octopus-like hermaphrodite underfae called a manta that has been mating with and infecting the humans. I’m all for kinky but that’s just for suckers. Literally.

Bo warns the octopussy lovers and Laurens tries to convince them to get the antidote. They flee despite Bo’s promise that she gives good needle. Mark down that down as yet another thing never to say on a first date. Then one of Roman’s henchmen grabs Lauren and I almost feel sorry for him. First Bo reads him the Take Back the Night riot act because no means no. And then she demands he take his filthy hands off her girlfriend. Cue another mass Doccubus fandom swooning.

But we aren’t the only ones swooning. UnKenzi takes a swan dive into the arms of another henchman setting up a Sophie’s Choice for our poor Bo-Bo. Bestie or best gal? Girl, please, why have one when you can have both?

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