“Lost Girl” Recap (3.04): Hush Now, Don’t Explain

Speaking of ladies and love, Bo is at Lauren’s and it’s time to come clean. But how do you tell the woman you love that she is, and can never be, enough? Oh, and also you had sex with your ex, but only to heal and then felt terrible about it afterward and it will never happen again, K? Oh no. Please don’t make that face. Please, please.

But instead of erupting, Lauren kisses her. Kisses her through the tears because some things are beyond our control. They’re biological. She’s a scientist. It’s a truth to her as obvious as gravity. But like gravity, no matter how hard the mind tries to escape it, it pulls heavy on the heart.

So they agree she will have to feed on others. But with ground rules. The first and most important being, “No Dyson.” And Bo promises. She promises and we pray. Let this be a promise kept, let no more hearts be broken.

Of course, broken hearts aren’t the only things to worry about. Kenzi, having been officially shown the door by Hale, calls Bo desperately. The rash on her arm has gone full-blown flesh-eating virus. But before she can apply Neosporin she falls and gets yanked behind a dumpster. Looks like someone is finally going to be Subplot A next week.

How to respond to your succubus best friend when she asks why everything must be about sex.

“Uh, WonderSnatch, hi – have we met?”


To quote John Mellencamp, come on baby make it hurt so good.

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