“Lost Girl” Recap (3.04): Hush Now, Don’t Explain

Bo convinces Dyson and Tamsin to investigate further, because even though Suicide Fae Girl sounds mighty guilty her succubusy senses and Lauren’s science think otherwise. Dyson notices Bo is still hurt, bleeding internally in fact. She tells him she’s monogamous and feeding only on Lauren. So he offers, more like insists, he be allowed to kiss it and make it better. Brace yourself, gay ladies. This is gonna sting.

I’ll spare you the gory and shirtless details, but suffice it to say Dyson gives Bo a “no-strings, no-feelings” dose of sexual healing and no one feels good about it. But, hey, that nasty boo boo is gone. Of course, there’s really no such thing as “no-strings, no-feelings” sex with an ex, particularly an ex who hasn’t told you he has regained his love for you.

So the Dyson takes his undercover therapy session to heart to talk matters of the heart. While he isn’t able to sniff out whether the doc is Fae (the kitty litter is his Kryptonite, snort), he does leave all energized and babbling about his days as a young pup. He probably bought $200 worth of energy crystals and a yoga mat on the way out of the office, too. Then the investigation hits another snag when the Suicide Fae Girl winds up dead.

In this week’s Subplot C, Trick reads Hale the riot act about his slack approach to being Ash and open-door policy when it comes to Kenzi. Earlier, she had interrupted a special ritual with her fabric swatches. Trick tells him to shut her out and I like Trick a little less now.

Lauren calls to say she has uncovered a link between the victims, which immediately makes Bo think of Dyson. Which in turn makes Lauren and all Doccubus fans raise a collective eyebrow. But, begrudgingly, I guess it’s good she did think of him because he’s standing on the ledge of a roof and taking about flying.

Tamsin, bless her hilarious heart, is trying her best to be a people person and talk him down. He says he wants to make his dream come true and she says, if you wanted to sleep with me you didn’t have to get up on a ledge to get my attention. Love her, love. But he keeps taking off his clothes and she gives him a firm “Do not unwrap the wang” warning. Can we make that the official Team Doccubus battle cry? Then Bo runs up and Tamsin tells her she’s got her hands full because manimal wants to be “half lion, half eagle and full asshole.” I want a spin-off of just Kenzi and Tamsin trading one-liners. Make it so, TV gods, make it so.

Bo tells Dyson he’s loved, but not in that way – hopefully. And Tamsin finds the kitty monster. We think momentarily she might have a problem handling it, but girl’s got it covered. I mean it, Tamsin can get it.

Case solved it’s time to get loaded. Back at the Dal, Bo tells Dyson they can’t happen again. It’s too hurtful – to Lauren. Damn right. Dyson says he understands, and I can’t help but feel a little bad for Dyson. I don’t think he’s the big bad wolf. Just a guy who can’t have what his heart wants. We’ve all been there, dude. But, seriously, do not unwrap the wang again. My sympathy only goes so far. Luckily for us, Tamsin promises to take him to a place where the women are hot and beer is cold. See, I told you I loved that girl.

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