“Lost Girl” Recap (3.03): Smells Like Teen Spirit

Bo and Tamsin share their poetic, and in the latter’s case sad, secrets. And then vow to never tell anyone. Guys, eating your feelings is a figure of speech. Don’t take it literally.

With the antidote not quite ready, Vex bursts in with the three not-so-little pigmen and attacks the shack. Kenzi goes all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Johnson on them and gives them the big one. Oh, see, a couple more dick jokes left. Meanwhile our Faey boppers are dancing to Duran Duran and playing strip spin-the-bottle. Lauren has enough time to finish the serum and runs in to interrupt Tamsin and Bo making out.

Since there’s only so much a patient girlfriend can take, she jabs Bo with the syringe and the teenage wasteland is finally over. But Kenzi’s frenemies problems are just beginning. Vex has her pinned thanks to the porkers and threatens her with an axe. But Kenzi knows the real him. A gentle soul. A true artist. So he makes like Lord of the Flies and kills the pig instead.

But have no fear, Big Bad Bo is here. And she proceeds to blow down the other pigmen’s houses. But not before Lauren decks Vex on the chin. Forgive but never forget.

Recovered from the teen hangover, the post-adolescent threesome is fuzzy on the details. Which is probably for the best. What were those secrets again? Kenzi is dealing with her new-found superpowers. Keep them forever, learn how to do everything left handed? Instead she simply declines. Though if I was her I’d keep that wood handy, never know when a gal might need it for a good pounding. Sheesh, people, head out of the gutters.

Hale has it out with the Morrigan, who says she just wanted to have a little rapey, pillagey fun like in the old days. And then Vex heads out of the SuccuShack. He needs to find himself again. A Seven Years in Vegas spiritual retreat. But he promises to be back a new man. Aw, I’m going to miss that vexing fellow.


Admit it, we all feel this way.

“You know, I don’t think I’d mind getting my ass kicked by someone that hot.”


Mama’s back.

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