“Lost Girl” Recap (3.03): Smells Like Teen Spirit


Lauren is peering intently into her microscope when Bo walks in with Hale’s big stick. She calls her work “doctor stuff” and when pressed for details says she is studying the Wrath of Kahn and Search for Spock on the Voyage Home. I don’t know, as soon as she started speaking geek and I went Star Trek. So does Bo, apparently, because she suggests a movie instead.

Bo then warns Lauren not to touch the staff, or any staff, because we’re gay like that. She wants to know what she can touch and we’re all like, “Boobies!” because we’re shallow like that. And, as if gifted by the TV gods, Lauren is thinking exactly the same thing because she whispers exactly what she wants to do to Bo and then checks her cleavage. Because, baby, it’s always Boobs O’Clock somewhere.

Bo is pleased with her frisky physician, but asks if she isn’t too tired after last night. Lauren reassures her she’s “going for the gold in SuccuGames.” Oh, man, can that be a real thing? Because I would watch every single event. Even the silly sports like SuccuBadminton and SuccuRhythmic Gymnastics. Bo has no intention of standing in the way of a young athlete’s dream and goes in for a marathon training session.

Back at Bo’s Love Shack – but seriously, all those exposed boards, the heating bill must be ridiculous on that place – Vex is telling stories to Kenzi about how that queen Da Vinci was all over David like curry on chips. Bo returns with her hardwood, you’d think that thing would have gone down by now after another go with Lauren, and finds them playing makeup besties.

She shoves Vex aside to look for her phone when something literally slithers from his ear to hers. Nightmares. So many nightmares. And scarier still, the earworm reverts her immediately to a teenage state all OMG and BTWS and BRB, ROFLMFAO, YOLO, ASDFGHJKL. Suddenly she wants to be BFFs with Tamsin and runs off to tell Dyson.

Kenzi rejoices in how this will annoy Lauren and Vex stands in as a proxy for all of fandom asking, “What’s up with you and the doc?” Kenzi calls her sneaky and says that she hasn’t forgiven her spybanging Bo for the old, old Ash. Which a) nice continuity and b) nice full circle character development because if you remember Lauren spending the night with Bo was meant to distract her from going after a then totally evil and dangerous Vex who is now sitting idly on her couch exchanging mascara tips and wondering what Kenzi’s deal is.

Bo has found her way to the Dal to ask Dyson why Tamsin is such a Mean Girl. Get in the car, losers, we’re going succubusing. She passes her teeny bopper earworm to Dyson and they’re both like ZOMG SRSLY IKR. Lauren walks in and Bo tells her she thinks Dyson likes her and she might kiss him. ORLY? Confused girlfriend is confused.

Being a medical professional and having a brain that works, Lauren realizes something is very wrong. She checks Bo out for wounds or abnormalities. Nada. Bo is doing her own checking out and notices the flecks in Lauren’s eyes like little stars And that she’s seriously hot. And, has she ever kissed a girl? And then she gives Lauren two TOTS ADORBS “RAWR!” gestures because who wants to eat frownie brownies when they could be having fun instead. Teeny bopper Bo isn’t a god girlfriend, but she sure is good TV.

The teen spirit is, quite literally, infectious as Dyson transfers it to Tamsin, but not before being accused of drinking spiked brewskie. p.s. That totes happened  one time and he became Kenzi and he nailed it. Well, that part is true. While consulting with Trick about what could be causing the puberty party, Bo goes a little bar-top dancing. Now we know something is horribly wrong, she’s listening to the Pussycat Dolls.

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