“Lost Girl” (4.3) recap: It was the best of lesbian times, it was the worst of lesbian times

Lauren knocks on a door. It’s the door to Crystal’s apartment and lesbian fantasies everywhere. She answers wearing just her tank top, underwear and wine glass. Is that even legal? This is not a drill, people. I told you to be prepared.


Lauren has brought pizza and beer. So they proceed to get drunk and get with the venting. They talk about how they wish they could erase all the bad shit that has happened to them in the past. Hey, weren’t you here for the first episode? You can! They trade war stories. Sexually harassing boss. Wedding dress and combat boot high school fashion statements. Unreported hit-and-runs. Indentured servitude. Again, the usual.

p.s. I totally noticed the wedding dress, combat boot, riot grrl thing and totally loved it.

They look at each other, weary from their disappointing histories, and for a split second can see nothing but their immediate future. Their immediate intertwined and sweaty future. You see, this is how you forget. This is the only way to forget.


Yep, it happens. It happens and it happens good. There’s heaving and writhing and arching and hands reaching down into totally appropriate inappropriate areas. It so happens. I could give you like 200+ screencaps, but sometimes you just want to see the motion of the ocean, ya know?


OK, fine, here are a few screencaps, too. FOR SCIENCE.

112613lostgirl21 112613lostgirl22 112613lostgirl23

Lauren and Crystal fall into a heap in each other’s arms. Crystal tells her, “You know I woulda been just fine with beer and pizza, right?” And Lauren is like, “Now she tells me.” Beer, pizza and orgasms? Is this lesbian heaven? No, it’s Lost Girl. Or is that a yes? Also, someone give Ali a prize for keeping her forearm just so to avoid any exposure of The Palmers. Make that boobie prize. Ahem!

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