Live from the 17th Annual “Xena: Warrior Princess” Convention

After lunch, Jacqueline Kim, who played Xena’s mentor, Lao Ma. She’s working on a new CD and like last year, sang for the audience.

Fans had, of course, lots of questions about the underwater kiss between Kim’s character, Lao Ma, and Xena. She said Lucy is a hard worker and great example, and that during the scene she told her not to worry about opening her eyes in gnarly, dirty water: “Just put your head in the water and I will find your mouth.”

Brittney Powell, who played Brunhilda, took the stage next for another Xena Con annual tradition: The bra auction to support kids with cancer.

Working for charitable causes is one of the hallmarks of the Xena fandom, and over the years, these conventions have raised more than $12 million. The bra Powell auctioned off last year is in the UK, and gets sent around for photo-fundraising even more money for pediatric cancer.

The bidding turned into what KT called “absolute pandemonium,” with a New Orleans bidder going against a British bidder. New Orleans won with a bid of more than $3,500, and the UK bidder got a “runner up” bra with a bid of $2,400. Apparently the winning bid was augmented by a single large check from a cancer specialist who was at her very first convention.

Claire Stansfield and Tim Omundson, who played uber-villian Alti and Christ-clone Eli, respectively, did a joint stage appearance first as themselves and then as their characters. Tim offered up a theory that Claire was not really acting at all, and Claire suggested Eli was just Tim on heavy meds. 

A fan asked Claire what she’d like to hear God say when she gets to heaven, and she replied, “You’ve got to be f&%#ing kidding me.”

Sunday report — including Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor’s appearances — on the next page!

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