Live from the 17th Annual “Xena: Warrior Princess” Convention

There are two Hudsons: The gentle, thoughtful one who teaches yoga, and the unpredictable and crazy woman who usually shows up on stage. (Neither puts the “hot” in “psychotic” like Callisto, for which we should all give thanks.) This year, both showed up.

She first appeared wearing a white Grecian gown and taupe patent platform peep-toe pumps:

The crowd was very appreciative of the look, and Hudson pouted that “Sadly, no one owns a toaster in my name.” Apparently she wanted to be recruited. I can’t believe no one ever tried. Oh, Xena fandom, how you disappoint me.

As has become a con tradition, Hudson auctioned the dress off. but first, a wardrobe change:

“This show has given us so much,” she told the audience. “Where else do I get to wear clothes like this and be an ass on stage?”

Of course, a new outfit meant new shoes:

She talked a bit about William Shatner (Star Trek), who is doing a documentary about the Xena fandom. She said she described the fandom to him as “round, with soft hearts.” Awwww.

When she was about to start the auction, someone called out, asking if the shoes were included. “Oh, hell, no,” Hudson said. “I love those shoes.”

The winner of the auction paid $1,600 for the dress, which she’s going to wear to get married in. I’m not sure wearing Callisto’s dress to one’s wedding is exactly wise, but it was for a good cause (the Desi Geestmant Foundation for children with cancer).

After that, the crowd got the serious Hudson we rarely see on stage. “Before I leave, I want to tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of you. If this is the last convention, I will miss you all.”

That was Friday… Saturday updates will be up later, so check back soon! But first, a scoop: On Saturday, Katherine Fugate presented a short play featuring Renee O’Connor, Crystal Chappell (Venice: The Series, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Days of our Lives), Claudia Black (Far Scape), Beverly d’Angelo (SVU, Cougar Town, Entourage), Tim Omundson (Eli), David Franklin, Brigid Brannagh (Army Wives), and members of the audience.

Saturday updates start on page 3…

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