Lily Loveless gets beaten down, but not broken in “SEVEN PM”


AE: You came up with the concept for SEVEN PM by watching the interaction between two strangers on a street in London. Are you always inventing stories for people you see on the street?
AJ: Yes, I am quite strange — or perhaps bored? — like that. One of my favourites was when I saw a girl about the age of fourteen sitting alone on a beach in the south of Italy and she was looking wistfully — or so I thought — at the ocean, just drawing things in the sand. I noticed another woman sitting further along the beach who kept watching her although the girl didn’t notice. In my head the woman was longing to tell the girl that she was her mother and that she had been following her for the last two years and had always been in the background of the girl’s life unnoticed. But she never had the guts to speak to the girl because the girl had always thought her mother is dead. Kinda dark I guess. I have an overactive but apparently somewhat grim imagination!

AE: What’s next for you, film-wise?
: I have co-written a short animation film with Maria Lazanitou my Assistant Director on SEVEN PM. It is called Wonderland and she is the producer and director. It’s a very creative story about a girl who goes to Tokyo to find out the truth about her brother’s death. Whilst there she discovers the world of Japanese Host Clubs — a legal form of I guess “social prostitution” where women go and pay huge sums of money for male company, entertainment and flattery rather than their bodies. It is a fascinating phenomenon and Maria is using a variety of exciting media in the animation. I am also writing a short art film about a married woman who wakes up one day and discovers that she has grown wings! It is a conceptual piece with feminist undertones. I hope to begin production in 2011.

AE: What’s your dream project?
: It would be an absolute dream to shoot a documentary series about the treatment of women all over the globe, from places where we might assume that women are more suppressed like in the middle east to right here in England where I would want to show sexism and oppression on a more subtle level — where people don’t think it is an issue and instances where women keep women down.

AE: What’s next for SEVEN PM?
Film festivals! I am going to submit SEVEN PM to as many festivals as I can and get it the exposure I believe it deserves! After which it would be amazing to have it picked up by a shortfilm distribution company. And of course we’ll make it available online for all the fans!

For more information about SEVEN PM, follow Anetta Jones on Twitter (@junglecheetah). will have high-res stills and more detailed information about the film tomorrow. And we hope to have a trailer for you when Anetta Jones returns home from her world travels!

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