The 13 Best Lesbian Marriage Proposals Ever


If you’re in public right now, you may want to hold off on watching this collection of the most heart-meltingly adorable lesbian marriage proposals on the internet.

If you’re safely alone in your bedroom and ready (or perhaps even a little desperate?) to have your faith in the existence of true love restored—or you’re on the bus but you have no shame about public displays of emotional overwhelm (weeping in front of strangers can be very cathartic, IMHO)—forge ahead:

1. Andie, who posted this video, explains in her caption that she spent five and a half years convincing her girlfriend Lucy to go skydiving with her. When Lucy finally agrees to take the leap on the morning of her birthday, she gets surprised by more than just the windburn and the adrenaline rush.

2. OK, a Glee-themed proposal may seem kinda dorky at first, but if this one doesn’t warm your little gay heart by the end, you might want to get that thing checked out. Thanks for the memories, Jackie and Ann.

3. This video went viral for a reason. If your girlfriend calls you forth from a normal day at the office with celebratory trumpets in the street so that you can find her standing on top of a bus waiting to ask for your hand in marriage, she’s probably a keeper.

4. This proposal keeps the surprise humble and sweet: No death-defying leaps out of planes, no highly-coordinated musical numbers—just love, plain and simple. As one onlooker aptly exclaims, “That shit was so real.”  I’m not crying, you’re crying!

5. This one is short and sweet, but features the most adorably enthusiastic “YES!” we could ever hope for, complete with clapping, running in place, and jumping up and down in heels.


Let’s stay together till we’re ghosts… #SheSaidYES!!!!! I’ll love you forever @kriss_geeeez

A video posted by Karma Kollections™ (@kollectkarma_kels) on

6. “I feel really gay doing this,” is kind of an understated preface for when you’re about to publicly propose to your girlfriend/basketball teammate ON THE COURT while you’re both in uniform. This is one of the most epically lesbianic proposals imaginable—which makes it absurdly cute.

7. This proposal involving a huge, well-coordinated, elaborate dance number and lip-sync has a long lead-in, but the sweet celebration at the end is well worth all the buildup and anticipation. It’s also over-the-top cheesy, but in the best possible way—like an ooey-gooey panini for the soul.

8. This throwback to 2012 is super creative while still being relatively simple to pull off—minus the part where the couple’s cat, Doodle, hides out and completely refuses to play his role in the surprise. Which we all probably could have seen coming. Cats gonna cat (even when you ask them very nicely to help you propose to your girlfriend).

9. What could be more romantic than proposing in Rockefeller Square at Christmas time while carolers serenade you with a capella Mary Lambert?

10. Note to self: Befriend Macklemore prior to proposing to ensure maximum cheering when she says yes.

11. This is another super-sweet skydiving proposal—it’s like lesbians love adrenaline or something. That kneeling kiss at the very end will hit you right in the feels.

12. In this oh-so-Canadian proposal, Alicia asks Christina to marry her on the ice during a hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Cold hands, warm hearts. Even the mascot loves it.

13. If anyone can do a surprise proposal by song justice, it’s definitely the couple who are both members of an a capella group. Nicole arrives for a gig thinking the group is singing to help someone else propose, but slowly comes to realize it’s actually all for her when group members begin handing her white flowers one by one, she recognizes her friends and family in the crowd, and her girlfriend Lily starts tearing up. BRB, there’s something in my eye.

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