The Huddle: What We’re Asking For This Holiday Season


Just in case you are still unsure what gifts you want want or what to buy for someone you know, maybe you’ll get inspired by what the AfterEllen writers are asking for this holiday season. Here’s what we are hoping to receive from friends, family, loved ones and Santa Claus.

Bridget McManus: I really want an assortment of leg warmers. Even though I live in Los Angeles I’m always cold. I told my wife to get me a few pairs, hopefully she’ll read this huddle topic and it will remind her to hop to it!

Miranda Meyer: Since no one can give me the gift of time, I basically want people to give me gift certificates or similar forms of money that has been earmarked for a specific purpose. There are a lot of things I need on just like, a practical level—which I would rather buy for myself—but I know if someone just gave me a check for X dollars, I wouldn’t spend it on the things I need. (I’m really good at rationalizing, like, wearing clothes that have holes in them in public. “It’s fine, no one will notice! I need that book way more than I need a new sweater!”)  Otherwise, I just want literally everything Hannibal. ALL OF IT. I WANT IT. GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEE.

mwo,x350,iphone_6s_snap.2u7via Redbubble

Erin Faith Wilson: I really hope someone gets me The Future is Female sweatshirt from Otherwild! I wear a medium and I want the blue one. Just in case Santa is reading this.

12045242_876277539146419_7878595793980777045_o_1024x1024via Otherwild

Lucy Hallowell: I’m absolutely not going to get it but I want a new laptop in the worst way. I got mine used and it’s on its last legs and I would love it if Santa would bring me a new one.

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