“Life” 2.1 in three lines or less


The first episode of Season 2 of NBC’s Life premiered last night. The dysfunctional cop drama stars Sarah
as cynical recovering addict and general-hot-mess detective
Dani Reese, and Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, her former convict partner with a Zen Buddhist outlook.

In the spirit of Snarker’s post Lesbian
Movies in Three Lines or Less
, I’ve decided to recap the episode using
only three lines of (semi-fake) dialogue. So without further adieu…

Episode 2.1 "Find Your Happy Place"

Captain Tidwell: Find out who’s suffocating people in trunks.
Oh, and Dani, you’re hot.
Dani Reese: Sadomasochistic lesbians! "Too Hot" at the
Charlie Crews: Everything is connected. It’s all one big smile.

Now it’s your turn — give us your take in three lines or less! The funnier and more random the better.

(And if
you missed the episode, you can watch
it online here


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