Lez Chic: 7 Lesbian Style Icons of 2014

Robin Roberts — America’s Graceful AnchorwomanCelebrity Sightings In New York City - April 24, 2012

Deemed one of the “Most Stylish New Yorkers of 2013,” Robins Roberts has been positively glowing ever since her recovery from MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), as well as her coming out at the start of the year. From gowns to structured blazers, austere tones of black and white to bright pinks and oranges, Roberts does not shy away from any style or color palette. Her stylist, Diandre Tristan, says he guides her to clothes that are “sophisticated,” yet “modern and sexy.”

Brittney Griner — The Dapper Ballerbgvia ESPN

Self-declared “stud” lesbian, Griner has graduated from “the whole baggy, hard-core, ‘I’m-a-boy’ look,” to a “athletic bow-tie look.” Her confidence, which has increased in recent years as she became more comfortable with her sexuality and gender presentation, shines through her style. Others have taken notice, too—she has recently signed a marketing deal with Nike, to model men’s clothing, and specifically their Nike SB skateboarding line.


Casey Legler — The Next James Bondclvia Fashionista

“I’m not androgynous,” Casey Legler told The Guardian. “There is no ambiguity with me.” Legler has taken the fashion world by storm, and even has a fan in Anna Wintour, who signed off on Legler’s Vogue feature. Crisp, serious; female masculinity at its aesthetic pinnacle. The first woman to ever be hired exclusively as a Ford male model, she is hoping to continue to break gender barriers, telling the Guardian that she wants to be the first female Bond.


Jenna Lyons — The Geek-Chic Style Visionary"Blue Jasmine" New York Premiere

J. Crew’s Creative Director melted our hearts when she painted her son’s toenails pink, and then she stole our hearts when she became a big muff-muncher. (Courtney Crangi, you get ALL THE TOASTER OVENS!) Known for her hipster-inspired, big-framed eyewear, Lyons is vocal about style being an individual ethic and endeavor”: “Don’t worry about what the trend is,” she told Chatelaine. “Play to your strengths. I’m relatively tall [six foot] so I always wear heels and I have awful legs but no one would ever know because I never show them. Work with what you’ve got. Also try to create something that is signature, that’s a little bit yours: That could be a locket you always wear, or something from your grandmother, or you could always have hot-pink nail polish. Let your personal style come through.”

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