Let’s guess the identity of the “Pretty Little Liars” Red Coat!

Maggie Rose:

Who I think it is: So I’ve read the books and the spoilers and the guesses and interpreted Marlene King’s smoke signals. My conclusion is that I’m 74% sure that Red Coat is Ali herself. I’m pretty convinced the finale of 3B is going to be a total game changer (ha, like you’ve never heard that before) and that reintroducing Ali or someone who looks a lot like Ali (evil twinsie!) will accomplish that quite nicely.

Who I want it to be: Can I say Jenna? Hear me out. I hate that Jenna has been so absent from the show the last several episodes and this would be a creative way to weave her back into the narrative of the story. Besides, Tammin Sursok can totally pull off the curly blonde bombshell look that we usually love to hate on Ali (as demonstrated in the above photo that I painstakingly found for y’all on the interwebs).

Heather Hogan:

Who I think it is: Well, first of all, I am consumed with Red Coat theories. It’s all I want to think about or talk about to anyone all the time. Friday night at 1:00 a.m., I was absolutely convinced that it was Dr. Sullivan. But now that I’ve had more time to brood over it, I’m like 88 percent sure it’s Ali. From a storytelling perspective, it makes perfect sense. It would blow the show wide open. The new relationship dynamics, the new secrets, the new mysteries, watching Paige finally rain down her wrath on Ali’s face. God, it would be amazing.

Who I want it to be: Heh. Ali. I don’t think I realized how badly I want it to be Ali until I typed that just now.

Lucy Hallowell:

I want the twist to be that Heather Hogan is Red Coat. Like she’s been recapping the show all along and loving Emily and Paige and Maya and Spencer and Hanna and that other girl she always forgets about because she’s off eating a bundt cake but in reality she loves them so much that it has turned her into a deranged maniac who stalks them, but never lays a finger on Paige because her evil kryptonite is head dips. Also, she totally killed Ali for that whole dick head note thing she did to Paige.

OK, #BooRadleyVanCullen-ers: Who do you think Red Coat is? And who do you want it to be?

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