Lesbian/Bi Women Medal at the 2008 Olympics



28-year-old openly gay captain Gro Hammerseng led Norway’s championship handball team to a 34-27 victory against Russia in the Olympic finals this weekend, securing the team’s first Olympic gold medal. The team, which also includes openly gay left back Katja Nyberg, advanced to the finals after narrowly beating South Korea in the semifinals, where center-back Hammerseng scored the winning goal in the final second.

Both women scored in the game against Russia, with Nyberg the third-highest scorer for the team, with four goals.

Nyberg takes a Russian opponent down and draws a foul

Hammerseng celebrates her goal against Russia

Nyberg fights for the ball

Nyberg looks to score against Russia

"I think I am the happiest person on earth right now," Nyberg told reporters after the match. "I think our speed was the ticket to the gold medal today."

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