Lesbian/Bi Celebrity Girlfriends, Part 2


Jana Welch (partner of writer/editor Linda Villarosa)

A marketing executive for a NYC-SOHO based global advertising/marketing agency, Momentum Worldwide, Jana Welch is a native of Port Arthur, Texas, who at the age of three told her parents she was moving to New York City when she grew up.

She did, and that’s where she met her partner, Linda Villarosa, at a party 14 years ago.

This is how Welch remembers it:

I had heard that Linda was one of the hottest lesbians walking the planet, but I had actually never seen her in person. The woman I was with at the time whispered excitedly in my ear that Linda Villarosa was there – on the other side of the room.

As Linda made her way through the sweaty crowd, she walked right up to me and asked in a very colorful way, “Who does your hair? I need a new hairstylist”. We became fast friends. Our romantic involvement did not start until about five years later. Lucky me.

We have two amazing children who make everyday exciting as well as rewarding. We spend a lot of time reading, cooking, traveling and watching movies together. We play this game over dinner every night where we share the best and the worse thing that happened in our day. Our daughter is approaching teen years so she keeps this stage of dinner pretty exciting for us all.

Speaking of parenting, Welch and Villarosa were also named two of the "Most Powerful Lesbian Moms in America" on the lesbian blog, Mombian.

Jana Welch, left, with Linda Villarosa

Welch enjoys snowboarding, motorcycling, reading, making jewelry and carpentry, and somehow also finds time to direct and edit video book trailers, including one for Jacqueline Woodson‘s novel, Feathers (watch it here), and one for Villarosa’s latest book, Passing for Black. You can watch it at www.lindavillarosa.com.

Read the first installment of Lesbian/Bi Celebrity Girlfriends, and suggest a celesbian girlfriend/partner/wife for us to include in a future installment in the comments (only out and openly acknowledged significant others will be profiled).

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