Lesbian/Bi Celebrity Girlfriends, Part 2


Rena Brannan (wife of actress Sophie Ward)

UK actress Sophie Ward made big waves when she came out as a lesbian in December 1996, only two years after playing a married woman with children who falls in love with another woman in the television adaptation of Joanna Trollope’s novel A Village Affair.

According to Ward’s official website, soon after coming out she fell in love with Korean-American poet/writer Rena Brannan, "on Santa Monica Boulevard. Rena agreed to sell her pick-up truck and move to England and now she lives in Gloucestershire with Sophie and the boys and a hot water bottle."

Today, Ward and Brennan (who have been married for nine years), are recognized as a celebrity couple worthy of inclusion in a Valentine’s Day article about relationships in The Independent.

Ward told The Independent back in 2006:

When I met Rena, we liked each other immediately. We’re from very different backgrounds and there wasn’t a chance we could get together at that time; it was impossible. But there was this chemistry and we eventually started working out how to be together. Although we are very, very different, we are the same age and have the same cultural references: books, films, plays, politics. We are also both very strong-willed but agreed early on that we would never pitch our wills against one another. She is very unpredictable and I’m still never sure what she would think about things, so I always want to know her opinion. She always has something interesting to contribute. Making love work is throwing your lot in with another.

Brennan elaborated on what makes their relationship work:

Initiative is really important. The sexiest thing on the planet is if your partner goes off and does something, without you having to say you’d like a box of chocolates. The desire to try to understand each other is still really great in both of us.

We are very, very passionate. We are not dramatic but we have a passion for communication and our relationship is definitely intense. It’s like learning about someone for the whole of your life. It’s like an art project.

After 10 years, we’re still probably in the honeymoon period and I think it will be like that my whole life with Sophie.

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