Lesbian/Bi Celebrity Girlfriends, Part 2


Dr Staci Gruber (wife of writer Patricia Cornwell)

Patricia Cornwell (foreground) and Dr. Staci Gruber (far right)

Mystery novelist Patricia Cornwell has historically kept a low-profile despite years on the best-seller list. But she’s been surprisingly forthcoming since her February 2005 marriage in Massachusetts to Dr Staci Gruber, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Associate Director of the Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory at McLean Hospital.

And Cornwell is the first to say that marriage has changed her.

In December 2007, she told The Telegraph UK:

I finally feel rooted somewhere. I feel a sense of responsibility and stability that I didn’t have before. I hadn’t been in a long-term relationship since I got divorced in 1988 and it’s hard to live that way. Being with someone who is smart and gives good advice adds tremendously wonderful elements to your life.

The couple met when Cornwell went to Harvard to research neuroscience and met Gruber. Cornwell described it as, "one of those things: you meet someone when you’re not looking. I’ve never been a soapbox person for gay rights, but now I’m in a same-sex marriage I tend to be more open, because I am outraged that it should be illegal in other states."

Patricia Cornwell

Public information about and photos of Dr. Gruber are scarce, but if you’re scientifically-inclined, you might enjoy reading one of her many research articles.

In an interview with USA Today in December 2008, Cornwell elaborated on their relationships:

We never get tired of just talking. We are great friends and have a wonderful time together. And we’re not into exotic entertainment. We’re really rather simple. We like to have pizza and watch comedy on TV or watch a DVD. We watch stuff you’d never think we’d watch, like White Chicks and Blades of Glory. Staci says, "If people could only see you, it would all be shattered in a moment."

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