Lesbian TV’s cheating hearts (and other parts)

All My ChildrenUnfaithful7

Guilty parties: Maggie/Reese

Girlfriend/Wife: Bianca Montgomery. Binx if you’re nasty.

Cheated with: Some random/Zach Slater

Can’t Bianca catch a break?! The long-suffering daughter of Erica Kane has been notoriously unlucky in love. When best friend turned lover Maggie cheated on Bianca with some random, fans were as devastated as Binx herself. Reese eventually came into the picture, and she and Bianca got engaged. Reese, however, found herself drawn to Zack, Bianca’s brother-in-law and biological father of her youngest child. The day before her wedding to Bianca, Zack and Reese unexpectedly kiss, for a really long time. When Binx finds out after the fact, she serves Reese with annulment papers. They eventually reconciled, then broke up again. Let’s face it: Reese was no Maggie, and certainly no Marissa Chandler.


Venice: The SeriesUnfaithful8

Guilty party: Ani

Girlfriend/Fiancé: Lara

Cheated with: Gina

Talk about your soapy triangles. Ani and Gina go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but their feeeeeeelings  (or inability to express them) always get in the way of true commitment. When Lara came onto the scene, Ani thought that maybe she could finally stop the push/pull relationship with Gina. Wrong! After Lara and Ani got engaged, Ani and Gina made out on Gina’s dead brother’s bed. Sure, it may have been the grief talking, but that doesn’t explain what happened on Ani and Lara’s wedding day. It’s hard enough to know the woman you are about to marry loves someone else, but seeing them full on tongue kiss minutes before you are supposed to walk down the aisle, is beyond devastating.

Orange is the New BlackUnfaithful9

Guilty party: Piper Chapman

Boyfriend/Fiancé: Larry

Cheated with: Alex Fucking Vause

No infidelity causes quite as much conflicting emotions as the one with Piper and Alex. Larry is a decent, loving, stand up guy. The kind of guy you could take home to mom—if you took guys home to mom. Alex and Larry’s relationship seems pretty solid when she first enters Litchfield, but old and very complicated feelings arise when Piper is once again faced with the love of her life, Alex Vause. Piper’s true feelings become clear to her after spending the day in the SHU, and she falls back into Alex’s arms once again. When Larry finds out, he is heartbroken, and Piper is faced with choosing between his comfort and stability, and Alex’s passionate and adventurous spirit. Guess who she chose?

Queer as FolkUnfaithful10

Guilty parties: Mel and Lindsey

Cheated with: Ah, who cares?

When QAF debuted, the world had never seen anything like it. Unabashed and unapologetically sexual, the show focused on the lives of a group of queer friends living in Pittsburgh. Two of those friends were lesbian couple Mel and Lindsey. Far from happy go lucky, Mel and Lindsey’s relationship was fraught with resentment and drama. Both women stepped out on each other; Mel with a woman in their circle, and Lindsey with a male artist who’s work she was showing at her gallery. They eventually reconciled, but their dysfunctional relationship served as an example for a generation of young, gay women, of what not to do in a committed relationship.

The L Wordunfaithful11

Guilty parties: Everyone

Cheated with: Everyone

When wasn’t someone cheating on someone else in The L Word? Living, Loving, Lying, Lezzies. Ready, set, ho! First Jennie kicked it off by cheating on Tim by exploring Marina’s planet. Meanwhile, Marina was stepping out on her longtime lovah Francesca. Next door, Bette turned out to be a carpenter’s dream and cheated on Tina with Candace. Tina in turn cheated on Helena “not a dragon or a vampire” Peabody with Bette, then went to YesMansLand with Josh. Dana and Alice scissored on the living room rug, while Tonya and her parents were in Disneyland or something.  After falling in love with Shane, and peeing on Jenny, Carmen emotionally cheated on Jenny, who gave her blessing to Sharmen. Max cheated on Jenny with Billie, but she was cool with it. Bette cheated on Jodi with Tina in an elevator, and Niki screwed Shane on a railing, while Jenny looked on.  I’m pretty sure I missed about a hundred more, but you get the gist. Oh what a tangled web, ladies. I kind of miss you and your terrible decisions.

What television character’s infidelity upset you the most?

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