Lesbian TV’s cheating hearts (and other parts)

Lip ServiceUnfaithful4

Guilty party: Cat MacKenzie

Girlfriend: Sam “Hot Cop” Murray

Cheated with: Frankie Alan

First love is a bitch. No matter who or what Cat did, she could never quite get Frankie out of her head. When Sam Murray showed up, it appeared that Cat had finally moved on and let someone wonderful in. It was all for naught, though, because Frankie—the slightly less articulate Glaswegian version of Shane McCutcheon—worked her way back into Cat’s heart and pants. In a cruel twist, soon after, Cat was unceremoniously run over by a car, leaving the rest of the season mired in gloom. Sam spent the remainder of the season walking around like a zombie until Sexy Lexy managed to coax a little life into her. And by coax, I mean, have hot sex with.

Pretty Little Liarstumblr_m8t65oM3Rf1r2x6gco1_r1_500
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Guilty party: Emily Fields

Girlfriend: Paige McCullers

Cheated with: Cousin Nate (Lyndon James)

Isn’t it sooooo typical? You finally get serious about a girl, and then your murdered ex-girlfriend’s “cousin” mysteriously comes to town. Fans of PLL waited all season to see Paige and Emily finally fall in love, and were horrified when Nate stepped in and put the moves on Emily. In Emily’s defense, she thought Cousin Nate was someone she could connect with, someone who loved Maya as much as she did. Nate and Emily’s kiss on the porch sent Twitter into absolute hysterics, and was witnessed by one Miss Paige McCullers. The two girls managed to salvage their relationship, but Paige’s reaction to the kiss did provide us with one of the greatest GIFs of all time. McCullers smash!

Tipping the VelvetUnfaithful5

Guilty party: Kitty Butler

“Scene partner”: Nan Astley

Cheated with: Walter. For fuck’s sake!

Screw you Kitty Butler and the horse drawn carriage you rode in on. Sure, Kitty and Oyster girl Nan spent many a sweaty night diving for pearls, but Kitty bowed to societal pressures and shacked up with Walter. When Nan finds out, she runs away and becomes a male prostitute. I would have eaten my feelings, but to each her own. It’s only human nature after all.


Lost GirlUnfaithful6

Guilty party: Bo Dennis

Girlfriend: Dr. Lauren Lewis

Cheated with: Dyyyyysssssonnnn!

OK, this show is complicated as all get out when it comes to relationships because you see, succubae don’t exactly have simple needs. They also don’t do labels. Bo and Lauren can ravish each other till the cows come home, but Bo needs more powerful chi to thrive than Lauren can provide. That throws another sausage into an already crowded jambalaya. Literally. A badly injured Bo ended up feeding on Dyson, and even though both agreed it was just for healing, still waters run deep between the two fae. Lauren felt threatened by their connection and things got pretty stressful. Add Tamsin in a bathtub, and it’s nearly too much for a human to take. 

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