Lesbian Halloween 2009 Part 2: Into the Deep


On the more political side, one of our respondents dreaded the right-wing the most.

Comedian Jennie McNulty (Walking Funny With Jennie McNulty) feared the power of one former Alaskan Governor.“There really is a percentage of the American population that felt Sarah Palin was a legitimate candidate for Vice President.”

Sarah Palin

Of course, spooky things aren’t limited to merely the serious or the snarky, as Butch Jamie filmmaker Michelle Ehlen was wise to point out: “The scariest thing in terms of "fun" scary for me would be things popping out as opposed to ‘not fun scary,’ like if the religious right took over.”

I used to go to Knotts Scary Farm (also known as Knotts Berry Farm, except in the month of October) every year growing up, and even though I’d tell myself ‘Hey, these are just regular people in masks that pop out to do their job,’ it wouldn’t matter. When they’d chase me, I’d run and scream like a girl! Haunted houses are the worst, too, especially when they touch your legs or arms as you walk by.

Knotts Scary Farm

One year I actually got to work in one, and it was fun to make people scream! But then some people usually some tough guy would look at me and be like ‘Yeah, what do you think you’re trying to do, you idiot? I’m not scared of you in a mask.’ Those people are not fun.

When I was in college, I went to the Jim Rose Circus Side Show, which is a traveling freak show. It’s generally not scary just weird except at one point they turned out all the lights and ran through the audience with chainsaws. And you’re thinking they’re wouldn’t really do anything crazy … would they?

Well, would they? Since Ehlen is still with us, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t.

While we didn’t exactly plumb the depths of the lesbian psyche in doing these interviews, we did see the emergence of a few trends. It’s safe to say that queer women love lesbian vampires, adore powerful female characters (Ripley, anyone?) and are scared of the usual freaky things that go bump in the night.

We were expecting a quip or two about people who dress their cats in lame Halloween costumes, but perhaps the subject was a bit too close to home.

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