“Last Tango in Halifax” recap: “Snotty and arrogant and glorious.” (Ep. 2)


Moving on to more upsetting things. We learn from a discussion between Gillian and Alan that Gillian’s dead husband, who we learned last episode died in a freak accident, actually didn’t die in an accident at all — he killed himself. And Gillian’s kept it from their son for a long time in order to protect him. She’s slowly realizing that he might end up hearing it in one way or another, however, and resolves to finally tell him.

And not to detract from the seriousness of this storyline, but this conversation all takes places while Gillian is fixing their farm’s tractor, which doesn’t help to reduce my bigtime Gillian Lesbian Feelings.

But seriously.

I like your face.

Caroline’s husband, meanwhile, is hanging out at home writing novels when the woman he left Caroline for suddenly shows up on their doorstep. I must mention a big screw-up I made in last week’s recap: Caroline and this guy aren’t actually divorced, as I stated, but simply separated. My bad! But so the reason for the separation, Judith, is suddenly hanging in Caroline’s house, and Separated Husband is doing a mediocre job of telling her to go away. When Judith asks why he’s returned to Caroline, he notedly doesn’t reply, “Because I love her,” but because he knows it’s where it’s supposed to be, or something. Judith does a better job in portraying her own sob story, that she’s middle aged without a good job and “And I’m bored. I’m bored of wondering what the point is.” This is such a relatable line that it almost makes me like her. In any case, it works on convincing Separated Husband that they should get drunk together. In Caroline’s house. Swell idea, sir!

Don’t worry, though, angsty son comes home and discover them being sloppy drunks and he will is super duper pissed. Even more so than usual! Dad says, this will be a secret between us men, eh? Eh? Right, angry son? Because that’s a good move that’s totally going to work!

“You’re disgusting.”

In other news, Gillian has moved from fixing her tractor to building a stone wall with her bare hands. You know, just a normal Tuesday! As she does so, this slimy guy drives up who also appeared in the first episode, who acts like Gillian wants him bad while Gillian continually tells him to go to hell. I feel like this guy is a super creeper, and get angry at him for making remarks about how she looks bending over as she attempts to ignore his existence by continuing to stack rocks. But then again, I’m thinking the same thing about how she looks bending over, so maybe I can’t be too mad?

Alas, tractor fixing and rock wall building and all, I guess Gillian really isn’t a lesbian because she does indeed end up having sex with this greasy guy, although thankfully they don’t show any of it. And she does look herself in the mirror and call herself a twat afterwards. But you’re still a lovely twat, Gillian. We also later learn from Alan that greasy guy might already be engaged to another girl, anyway? Careful there, dear Gillian.

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