“Last Tango in Halifax” recap: Infected with Lesbian Spores (Ep. 6)


Celia then returns to her own cottage, and as she starts to unlock the glass doors, she thinks she sees Alan waiting for her inside, smiling and warm. She gasps with happiness, rushes in, shouting his name. And then she looks around and realizes he’s not there; he was never there at all. GIVE ME ALL THE ALCOHOLS YOU HAVE, I’M DONE.

When Celia drives over to Gillian’s house, Paul explains what’s happened, the heart attack that happened right where Celia’s standing now, how his heart stopped but the paramedics were able to get it started again. (Paul was “right impressed.”) Celia then rushes through the halls of the hospital with the panicked face of someone who’s about lose something they love, and when a nurse finally stops her to ask if she needs help, she asks how she knows Alan, and Celia replies, “I’m his best friend.” Welp. When she finds his room, he’s lying unconscious and Gillian can’t stop crying and Celia keeps saying, “I need him to know I put everything right,” and basically this show is a life ruiner.

Gillian takes Celia into the hall and sobs some more, explaining that the doctors told her they have to be brave because he could only have a matter of time.

“Don’t go. Not yet.”

As Celia sits with him, we get to see a glorious little flashback to their youth, to that time we’ve heard of so often throughout this series, when Alan asked Celia out when they were teenagers and she left him hanging at that bridge, waiting, waiting. We’re brought out of the flashback as current day Alan croaks, “I always knew you’d come — even if it took you 60 years.” Everything is rainbows and unicorns and sweet, classic love stories! Celia fills him in on the good news: Kate can play the organ, which will come in handy for Celia’s desire to walk down the aisle to “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.” And as Handel starts to play, the first series of Last Tango in Halifax finally comes to a delicious close.

Tony Gardner tweeted me last week to let me know they start work on Series 2 in June. This seems like too long, but for a show such as this, it’s worth the wait. Thank you for everything, you beautiful, beautiful show.

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