“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (Ep. 5): Magnificent


At home, meanwhile, Caroline and Kate and the boys are having a most lovely dinner — William invites Kate to play Scrabble with them and it’s adorable! — until Judith shows up on the doorstep. And, sadly, sober Judith is no more, as she is back to slurring her words and being unsteady on her feet. She feels bad about kicking out John earlier and wanted to bring him some wine, because it’s clear that more alcohol is obviously what the two of them need. As she starts to give Caroline a big two thumbs up for the lesbian thing, she trips backwards down the steps and falls on something made of glass. While the evening started out successful, Caroline ends it in the hospital waiting room alone, with her husband’s mistress’s blood all over her. Yay!

The final domino of them all happens when Gillian rings Caroline’s house and Lawrence, the  Loyal-to-Dad Younger Brother, picks up. William’s fainted at all of Judith’s blood (poor gay), and Kate’s hanging out with Lawrence until Caroline returns. Gillian’s calling to give Caroline a warning about the Angry Mother Coming Home To Talk About Her Lesbianism thing, and it’s really simply unfortunate that Lawrence was the one to pick up. As Gillian continues to stutter on the phone in a similar style as she did with Celia, something about his grandma being upset and Kate staring over the table at him at that moment makes it click in Lawrence’s head, and he puts the dots together himself. Now we’re all officially on the same page. Lawrence, however, looks a little more befuddled than older, wiser, more malaised William. Good job with that, “Let me tell the kids” thing, John!

The final strange turn of events in this very eventful episode is John explaining to Gillian after everyone else has left that the real reason he came over to hers was because he somehow keeps thinking about her. Was that the real reason, John? Or was it because you had nowhere else to go? And then she invites him upstairs. Sigh, Gillian, I love you, but what is going on with you and the menfolk? Paul? Robbie? John? Seriously, what’s the deal there?

There was so much lesbianism going on in this episode that I didn’t have as much time to be distracted by beautiful landscapes, but I still grabbed one. My Favorite Landscape Shot of the Week goes to this England-y pastoral scene, as pleasant as any England-y pastoral scene.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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