“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.6): Save the Last Dance For Me

And gosh freaking darnit, why can’t Caroline, either? At least this must have been what Kate was thinking as she drove home from the wedding, because as soon as she got to her house, she turned around and came right back. When she walks in, she goes directly to Caroline, who looks up in disbelief from her chair as Kate holds out her hand and asks if she’d like to dance.


As Caroline stands, she pauses. She just wants to make sure. She asks Kate, “Is this like, um…forever?” Kate replies, “Well, to quote Prince, forever’s a mighty long time.” A beat. “You know. In theory.”

On the dance floor, they put their foreheads together. Kate strokes Caroline’s cheek. She lifts Caroline’s mouth to hers. And then, they kiss.

2lasttango6screencap23 2lasttango6screencap24

Lawrence covers his face in horror. He thought this shit was over! But his mom and Kate just keep making out. William looks over, and his face lights up with glee. Alan and Celia look over, and Celia sighs while Alan grins. Everyone looks at them. Everyone. But Kate and Caroline just keep. making. out.


I know we’ve had a pretty good queer year on TV. I know I’ve seen other long lady kisses on my screen. I know there are lots of other fandoms who are passionate about other romantic moments of 2013. But I can’t think of one that choked me up as much as this. By my count, this is the best lesbian moment of the entire year.

As the camera then pans over all the couples sleeping in their beds later that evening, we are even treated to a rare glimpse of bare, freckled, glorious Sarah Lancashire arm.

2lasttango6screencap26 2lasttango6screencap27

In contrast, the camera then amusingly pans over John and Judith, sloppy and asleep on her couch, and then finally, unsurprisingly, we see a sleeping Gillian and Robbie.

Even if Series 3 wasn’t confirmed, this episode would have been the merriest of Christmas presents to us all. What are your thoughts on the finale, and predictions for the future?

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