“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.6): Save the Last Dance For Me

And now, it’s time for a wedding.

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Celia, by the way, has managed to wrangle Kate into the wedding, too. Because after all, back before baby plans and hotel rooms, Kate had promised to play Celia’s preferred processional song on the piano: “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.” It’s just that she doesn’t know anyone else who can play it, you see. And as she mentions to Caroline just before they walk down the aisle, she’s also asked Kate to stay on for the reception, because really, it would seem rude otherwise. During Alan and Celia’s vows, Caroline glances over at Kate sitting at the piano, and Kate glances at her–just, as is fitting with their relationship lately, not at the same time.


At the reception, Caroline and Harry give speeches about the inspiring love story of her mother and his best friend.


Harry then hands the microphone over to Alan. But instead of giving a speech, Alan stands up and takes the microphone over to the dance floor, where he’s joined by Raff, Lawrence, Lawrence’s rascal of a best friend, and William, who is joyously back home from Oxford for the holidays, bringing along a dashing girlfriend with him. (Although Lawrence is still convinced he’s gay. And for once, I don’t disagree with Lawrence on this one.)

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