“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.4): Heartbreak Hotel

The next time we see Caroline, she’s sitting in a lounge chair in the downstairs of the hotel, waiting for Kate. Her face is still calm, content, beautiful. But beware, dear readers: when Kate eventually sits down across from her, her aura is decidedly different. Always eager Kate is suddenly cold, standoffish. We soon find out why. It appears that Caroline, for silly, insecure reasons, has booked two separate rooms for her and Kate’s “romantic” weekend.


Oh, Caroline. Caroline, Caroline, Caroline. She tries to apologize and make excuses. She keeps saying that all of this “isn’t easy for her,” and that they can still sleep together, and she tells Kate that she looks beautiful. But Kate says that mentally, she is already gone. She was so excited for this weekend, but now she’s no longer even there. She’s only there physically so that she can meet Greg, the old friend who she wants to be her baby daddy, who are they are currently sitting in this hotel waiting for.

Caroline says she panicked when she called to reserve the room. Kate counters that Caroline doesn’t panic. Panic is not who Caroline is. Caroline says that it’s not about Kate, or about them as a couple; it’s about herself. Kate says she’s not falling for her excuses anymore.

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And while Kate uses the word “gay” and reports Caroline’s own words back to her —“It’s 2013” — in a normal tone of voice, Caroline has resorted to frantic whispering, accompanied by nervous glances anytime a waiter passes them by. Clearly it was not one moment of panic when she called to make a reservation. Clearly it is a constant state of panic, whenever she and Kate are anywhere outside of their own homes. As Kate tells her: she blew it.

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And then Greg shows up.

He joins them for dinner, wherein he and Kate share a great many apparently hilarious stories and memories, while Caroline sits silently in the background and sips wine, her dead eyes only occasionally coming to life to express clear disdain for Greg and for this whole situation.

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