“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.3): Reactions and Revelations

We then get to see yet ANOTHER adorable Kate and Caroline scene, as they cuddle while watching the news. This idyllic scene, however, is shaken slightly when Kate mentions that she’s contacted the dude whose sperm she wants to use, and she wants Caroline to meet him. This whole talking-Kate-out-of-it thing is clearly not going to be as easy as Caroline imagined.


Celia has returned to Halifax, and while Gillian is at work, she chats with Robbie as he prepares supper. And for some reason or another, she ends up telling him that Gillian had an abortion when she was 15, and she and Alan fighting about it was what had been making her so upset for those weeks. Celia, of course, has no idea that the baby who Gillian was pregnant with at 15 was Robbie’s, but he immediately knows, and waits for Gillian to get home to confront her as she gets out of her car. He’s upset that he never knew, that she never told him. As he gets in his own truck to leave, she asks, “Are you dumping me?” He doesn’t say yes; he just can’t be there right now. Gillian’s vulnerability turns to anger, and she reminds him that she’s the one who suffered the consequences for it. “I didn’t tell you, but I didn’t inflict anything on you, either.”


Gillian only waits a few minutes after Robbie leaves and she walks inside to explode. Celia apologizes, but there’s not a lot she can do to slow Gillian’s anger. Gillian spits out, “It’s poisonous, saying something like that.” Raff comes down the stairs for dinner, and in her rage, Gillian shares the news with him about having an abortion at 15 and Robbie just finding out he was the dad, all of which is maybe not the best information to tell your son about when he’s already in a fragile state himself. Celia decides she should leave. Alan says if she’s leaving, so is he, which really pushes Gillian over the edge. She says that she can barely recognize him since he’s been going around with Celia, and that she doesn’t like this new him. Alan snaps at her that with all the things he knows about her life, that he’s never held against her, she doesn’t have any right talking badly about Celia to him.


The next day, Ellie decides to disappear, leaving Raff and Gillian alone with the baby. But Gillian insists that Raff keeps going to school, so really Gillian is alone with the baby, which is totally easy to take care of while running a farm on your own, right? Right. Caroline calls to apologize again for her mother and make sure she’s alright, and they share one of those Caroline and Gillian conversations we’re now familiar with, where they are kind and understanding of the other, while still somehow seeming miles away.


Caroline and Lawrence drive to school, and Lawrence boldly asks why she and Kate aren’t totally out in their relationship there, since everyone knows. He wrily says that she’s not setting a good example for the 2.7% of students who will also end up being “muff munching shirt lifters.” And you have a good day, too, Lawrence!

At the farm, since everything is going so well for Gillian at the moment, she decides now would be an excellent time to invite John over for a cup of tea. Because Gillian is good at decisions. Through split conversations between her and John and between Alan and Celia, we learn more about Gillian’s past, the thing that only she and Alan know: that when she found her husband Eddie after he’d split his head open in the barn, she should’ve called an ambulance, because he was still alive. She didn’t. But this isn’t all. As Alan tells Celia: she finished him off with a block of wood. Sometimes, Alan says, he even wonders if it was a suicide at all.


Gillian explains to John that this is why she won’t be able to pursue anything with Robbie anyway, even if he does forgive her about the abortion thing: he’s always known about Eddie, and Eddie is the only person that’s ever really mattered to him. John appears to take all of this in stride, listening to her story and then simply saying that he’s still very fond of her, and thinks they could be good for each other. And then they make out.

I don’t know what to say about all of this, but Gillian’s decision making skills are starting to actually bum me out. What are your views on her past, and what she’s doing now with John? Where do you see the baby storyline going now for Kate and Caroline?

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