“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.3): Reactions and Revelations

The next morning, as Kate relaxes at the hospital, Caroline is on fire in the kitchen. John blunders in, wondering where his papers have gone. Caroline proceeds to mock everything he’s written about their lives in his new opus in a most haughty, most Caroline-ish way, including the section where he refers to Gillian having the body of a young boy. She bumps her hip against young Lawrence, who’s sitting eating his cereal, and drawls, “Ooh, la la, so, Mommy isn’t the only gay in the village.”



I mean, I don’t think Lawrence is quite ready for gay jokes yet, Caroline, but still, her sassiness is amazingly off the charts. Let’s also take a moment to just mention how much we miss William, who isn’t around as much this season because he has a job or something. Lame.

After John grunts out of the room, Caroline then continues to send us mixed messages. She tells her mother that yes, Kate is serious about the baby thing, but the chances of her actually conceiving are extremely low, and she’s planning on trying to talk her out of it this weekend. It’s Kate’s birthday, and Caroline’s reserved a fancy hotel, if Celia’s able to take care of the boys. So on the one hand: reserving a hotel for Kate’s birthday = romantic and fun! Being somewhat flippant over Kate’s deepest desires = not good.

And while Caroline is still depending on Celia and Alan forking over some money for staying in the guest house, Celia and Alan head out to look at the bungalow of Celia’s dreams, which is a bungalow of my dreams, too. A living room looking over miles of lush green countryside? I’d take it. It’s clear Celia wants to take it, too, but Alan knows that, with their obligations to the rest of their families, they’re probably fooling themselves.



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