“Last Tango in Halifax” (2.2) recap: Baby Talk


At the hospital, Raff’s girlfriend is terrified and disbelieving of this entire thing that’s happening to her body. She asks, “Why haven’t we evolved better? This is medieval!” True story, girlfriend. She continues: “This is so weird. I’m not really comfortable with the fact that this is happening. In fact, I’m inclined to suggest that it isn’t. I am firmly of the opinion that I’m not really here.” Declaration: Raff’s girlfriend is amazing and is acting exactly how I would be if I were about to push a living being out of myself.


Gillian, Alan, and Celia are hanging out to comfort the prospective new parents since the girlfriend’s family is nowhere around, even if Gillian is still trying to convince herself that Raff isn’t actually the dad. Alan introduces himself to the nurse as the granddad, but is corrected—he’s actually going to be the great granddad now, a fact which appears to delight him. And if there’s anything good in this situation, it’s that the stress of it all has distracted Gillian enough to be able to have a conversation with both Alan and Celia without crying. In the end, the baby is born safely—a girl—albeit a girl with an uncertain future.


Speaking of children, meanwhile at the schoolyard in Harrogate, Lawrence watches Kate and his mom walk across the grass as one of his friends asks him if they snog and have sex. Lawrence says disgustedly, “I don’t know.” But if they do, this is apparently reason enough for the friend to suggest that Lawrence move in with his father. Even though his father technically doesn’t really have a home right now, but, little details. Lawrence responds, “I might.”

Close up to Kate and Caroline’s conversation in the yard, which is furthering the baby idea. Kate was thinking of getting sperm from someone that she knows, perhaps a guy she’s slept with in the past who is a really good man. Caroline, understandably, seems a little put off by just the idea of men who Kate has slept with in the past, but Kate assures her that the only people who are really part of the equation here are Kate, Caroline, and the baby. When it comes down to how it’ll actually be done, Kate suggests that instead of a lengthy, medical process, she and this dude could just…do it. KATE, NO. KATE, THIS IS A BAD IDEA. TELL HER IT’S A BAD IDEA, CAROLINE.


Caroline doesn’t exactly tell her outright that it’s a bad idea, but essentially, they leave the conversation open for further discussion, with Caroline tentatively being supportive of whatever Kate wants to do. We also learn that Kate tried to have a baby before, back when she was married to a dude, but she miscarried four times. This is heartbreaking, but more than anything, it makes me realize that we really don’t know much about Kate at all. More about Kate, please.

What are your feelings on the baby situation? On Kate selling her house? And do we think Gillian is going to get it together at any point in this season?

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