“Last Tango in Halifax” (2.2) recap: Baby Talk


As we prepare for an imminent birth, over at Caroline’s, Celia has also shared news about Alan’s precarious relationship with death. We flash back to when he was released from the hospital last episode, but this time we hear the doctor say that Alan likely won’t survive another heart attack—even a small one. It was with this news in mind above all else that they decided to rush through with the wedding. Alan!

But perhaps the most interesting things that transpires in this whole episode are the conversations that soon transpire between Kate and Caroline. Kate has been a bit freaked by the Lawrence presumably hating her thing, because she is a fragile, fragile creature. But while she’s feeling more cautious, Caroline is chugging full steam ahead, asking Kate to sell her own house and buy part of Caroline’s, making them joint homeowners. So basically, the living together situation just went from a temporary thing to a very permanent thing, woosh, like that.

Here’s the thing, though: She’s only asked Kate to sell her house because Caroline wants to buy out John’s portion of her house. And she needs extra money to do it. Kate voices doubts about this in the school hallway, that if it was ONLY about Kate and Caroline, and not financial matters, that she’d think they were rushing into it too fast. To which Caroline cracks all of our hearts by responding that that isn’t true, because “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


She continues, “I hope I’m not shallow enough to be asking you for the wrong reasons. It’s just a bit sooner than we might have anticipated, that’s all.” Kate asks what we’re all thinking: “Really?” Caroline says, “Really.” And she sounds so sincere! But I don’t know. Caroline has never said anything so strong in regards to her feelings for Kate before. We’ve seen the way she’s been looking at Kate so far this season, and they are in fact nice, lovely looks. But we also haven’t really seen their relationship progress on an intimate, emotional level much further than it was in the first season, and in the first season it still seemed to be a very much beginning relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I want them to spend the rest of their lives together. And I think that Caroline believes she’s telling the truth. But I also feel like she’s not giving herself enough time right now to really, actually think about whether she’s telling the truth.

Kate decides that, well, if we’re talking about this spending eternity with each other business, I should probably get this out of the way now, and says, “I want a baby.” Caroline doesn’t actually laugh right away, as it’s been portrayed in the previews, so maybe the idea isn’t completely ridiculous to her. Or maybe it is and she’s just had a moment of shock, because when Kate continues to explain how she’s always wanted a baby, so maybe it’s good that they’re moving forward so quickly because she’s turning 42 next week and time isn’t really on her side, that’s when Caroline laughs. Kate says a few other things to her that we can’t hear, and then Caroline turns away to walk down the great hall to address her students, her face a blank.


Gillian has called Alan and Celia over to the farm to help out with Raff and his pregnant girlfriend, which turns out to be timely as the girlfriend starts having contractions as soon as they get there. Celia calls Caroline once they get to the hospital to fill her in on the whole situation, and as they chat, the whole Kate-selling-her-house-to-help-buy-Caroline’s thing is brought up, and some of my suspicions are confirmed. Celia says not to take this the wrong way, but isn’t it all a little soon? Caroline doesn’t say, “I want to spend the rest of my life with her,” to her mother. In fact, she doesn’t say anything about Kate at all. She just sighs and says, “I can’t lose that house.”

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