“Last Tango in Halifax” (2.2) recap: Baby Talk

Meanwhile, over in that fancy world of Harrogate, John is sitting in Caroline’s office, looking particularly gross and John-ish. His publishers dropping him has really cut down whatever last shreds of dignity he has, a fact which makes even Caroline feel a little sorry for him. The most important thing about this scene is that the bright midday light is shining into Caroline’s office most wonderfully, hitting those blue eyes just right, and apparently the secret marriage of her mother that day hasn’t been bothering her in the least, because she seems cool as a lovely cucumber.


Celia and Alan are waiting at the farm for Gillian when she arrives home after leaving the pub, and she stands in front of them to say, sheepishly, “I may have…overreacted.” Alan tries to explain why they wanted to get married by themselves, and that it was nothing personal, but Gillian really still isn’t over it, still hurt from their fight, and this whole scene is less amusing and more painful than her anger at the registry. Eventually, after more accusations and pleas, she seems to slide sloppily towards acceptance and/or apology. But even though she’s vulnerable now, and just wants her dad to stay, there’s no easy fix. Celia and Alan eventually leave to go to Caroline’s, to where they live now.

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At Caroline’s, she and Kate and the boys arrive home from school. Because this is what they do now, their cars gliding into the drive at the same time, asking how each other’s day was, checking the mail. Caroline shares the news about Celia and Alan’s wedding, which the best son seems adorably delighted by, until Lawrence shoves him out of the screen and ruins everything by telling Kate that the REAL reason why they weren’t invited to the wedding is obvious. “It’s not rocket science, is it?” He sneers before leaving the room. Kate asks Caroline if there’s any possibility they weren’t invited because of her and her lesbian spores. Caroline tells her that’s ridiculous, but Kate seems unsure. Oh, Lawrence. I know this Mom turning into a lesbian thing is probably weird and hard to take, but you don’t have to be mean.


But hey, at least Lawrence hasn’t gotten a girl pregnant, which Gillian’s son Raff totally has! Surprise! And not only is she pregnant, she is like, EIGHT MONTHS pregnant. Which Raff shares after they have a pleasant family dinner where Gillian is still really, really not over it, calling Celia a bitch and mocking Caroline, all while Raff is like, “I don’t know, Ma, I think they’re rather splendid.” Which makes Gillian’s grumpiness kinda funny again. But then as she and Robbie are doing dishes, Raff finally comes around to share the my-girlfriend-is-eight-months-pregnant news, and things are back to not funny.

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