“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes three, four and five


Anyway, later I think there’s more of Armando’s buttcrack because this show really likes Armando’s buttcrack. But in terms of Julia and Mariana, we’ve got a double date scene where they’re playing a sort of Truth or Dare – minus the dare? – part. I don’t know. They’re answering questions. And Armando makes one up while pretending that it’s written on the card and asks Julia that if you’re starting to suspect that your girlfriend is bisexual and has the hots for her lesbian best friend, should you ask her about it.

Dany, of course, sees right through all this and tells Mariana it’s time to go. Mariana seems pretty oblivious. When they’ve left, Julia gets all annoyed at Armando and Armando tells her to answer the question. But when Julia finds the card, she sees that it’s not at all what he read. He says that despite all of his efforts she still prefers to be with Mariana. Julia has nothing to say to that.

And there’s really not much that happens in the rest of the episode.

So, I’ll leave you with a couple of screencaps.

This is how Julia looks at Mariana (and Dany):

Is she thinking … threesome? Is she thinking, "How can I kill off Dany and dispose of the body without anyone finding out?"


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