“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes three, four and five

In the end, Armando goes with Julia to the audition. On the way, they run into a hot woman who no doubt got into Armando’s pants at some point in the past, but more to the point, who has information Julia doesn’t have. Something involving Armando possibly going to play soccer for Spain (or Italy?) Julia asks him to explain himself but Armando avoids the subject.

During the audition, Armando drools over Julia’s hotness. And that’s about it.

Meanwhile, Mariana and Dany are chillaxing in bed and Dany voices her insecurities about Julia and about Julia and Mariana. And she says that when the two of them are together it’s like nothing and no one else in the world exist and that she wants to have that with Mariana. But Mariana says no because she’s known Julia all her life and that’s what it stems from. That she relates to Julia as her friend but that Dany is her woman.

They have a whole lot of cute moments of kissing and rolling around on the bed, while Mariana tries to put Dany’s fears to rest. She says that even if Julia were the gayest gay in the world, she wouldn’t go for her.

Hahahaha! Raise your hand if you believe that for a second. Didn’t think so.

Anyhoo, later on we’re at Rafaela’s where Mariana and Julia are cooking because something or other happened to Mariana’s kitchen and I don’t remember what it is and I doubt you care either. And they thank Rafaela for the use of her kitchen.

Rafaela says that she loves having them there and then goes on to say to Mariana, “In fact, the other day we were thinking of you and asking ourselves about certain things that we didn’t understand.”

Julia, thinking that Rafaela is referring to their conversation about lesbian sex, tells her mother to behave. But Mariana, being clueless, tells Rafaela to go on. So Rafaela goes on, “Aurelia and I were asking ourselves–” And here Aurelia jumps in to say, “Don’t involve me!”

But Rafaela continues undeterred and Julia jumps in to beg her mother to stop and also to tell Mariana not to pay attention to Rafaela. Mariana just looks confused. But Rafaela goes, “Those things you guys do … with flour … and eggs … and bacon …” Mariana doesn’t miss a beat in informing her that they’re mini quiches. Julia just glares at her mother.

(Dear Rafaela: I love you.)

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