“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes six through thirteen


Alas, paradise was short lived. One of Armando’s many sexual conquests decided to send Julia a photo of Armando in a compromising position with lady parts that were not Julia’s. Naturally, Julia took this poorly, and moved out.

Meanwhile, Mariana and Dany continued to argue about Julia because Dany was convinced that Mariana was in love with Julia and that if Julia weren’t straight that Dany wouldn’t even be in the picture. And the more Dany argued, the more Mariana began to realize that maybe what Dany was saying was true. And so, the next morning, she made a teary-eyed confession that essentially boiled down to, "I’m in love with Julia."

Dany, kind soul that she is, was amazingly understanding about it all and moved out.

While Julia was being emo about Armando to her sisters, Alma suggested that perhaps he simply couldn’t help himself. So Julia began researching sex addiction, which led her back to Armando’s apartment.

She found him on the floor, curled up in the fetus position and looking very miserable. So, after a chat about him getting help for his problem, Julia agreed to move back in.

Julia dropped by to visit with Mariana and she saw that Dany was in the process of moving out. But Mariana didn’t want to talk about it. When Julia suggested they get some movies and pig out on ice cream, Mariana downright snapped at her. Julia, looking like a kicked puppy, agreed to leave Mariana alone, and kissed her cheek while Mariana looked like her heart was kerploding in her chest.


And now Mariana is all sorts of emo. She’s taken to making videos of herself talking about love and how her love already has a love of her own.

Julia is now knee-deep in Armando’s sex addiction issues and they go to therapy together and now must abstain from sex for four months, during which time Armando must also tell Julia about all the women he’s slept with over the years. He eventually tells her there’s one more but that he doesn’t know if it’s the right time to tell her and she snaps and says she doesn’t want to hear anymore. So this mystery woman is now up in the air.

The latest episode ends with Julia getting into an empty bed and Mariana getting into an empty bed, while the narrator says:

The fear of loneliness makes us bear what we once thought unbearable, including swallowing the whole list of women that have shared our bed with our man…

…not realizing that somewhere else there’s a loneliness as large as our own, waiting for us in a bed that carries our name.

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