“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes one and two

Okay, enough about Alma and Mercedes (even though they’re awesome). Let’s talk about Julia. And when I say Julia, I mean Julia and Mariana.

Julia (and Mariana)

Julia is in this unfortunate relationship with a guy named um … I forget. Armando. Whatever. He sleeps around and she knows it. He tries to explain to her why he can’t be faithful by saying he’s a soccer player and women flock to him which just makes her go WTF at him. He then tries proposing to her, which doesn’t go over any better. She refuses. He asks her if there’s someone else and she pauses eeeeever so briefly before saying no. She’s obviously unhappy with him, but she doesn’t break up with him.

Mariana then interrupts this totally effed up conversation. Mariana is Julia’s best friend. Beautiful. Chef. Lesbian. A general bundle of awesomeness. Julia’s interruption effectively kills the conversation and Armando goes away. Julia thanks Mariana for her awesome timing. She grabs Mariana’s face and says, “I love you.”

It’s really hard to recap these two because so much of it is in the looks and not in what is actually said. Like the look on Mariana’s face when Julia says, “I love you,” is sort of shock mixed with hope mixed with resignation. And all of that happens in the blink of an eye.

Later, on the two of them are in Julia’s bed, drinking wine and talking about love and relationships. Julia is lamenting how difficult love is and how much relationships suck and Mariana just goes along with it. Julia takes off her bra at one point and talks about how women used to burn those as a way to reclaim their independence, and Mariana tells her they should burn it while yelling, “We demand better relationships!” And then they both laugh and lie down on their stomachs and talk about how growing up they’d had plans to live together and how they would both become orthodontists and have four dogs and ten cats.

Mariana says that she doesn’t like cats and Julia complains that she loves cats and her mother wouldn’t let her have any so they must have ten cats. And Mariana says, “You can have one.” But at Julia’s pout she bumps it up to two. And they giggle.

Then Julia looks at Mariana all pensively and asks, “Why couldn’t you have been a man?” And Mariana replies, “Don’t be stupid. If I were a man, you wouldn’t love me.” And then Julia says, “You think?” And then kisses her.

It all gets very heated from there as they keep on kissing and start taking off each other’s clothes.

But Mariana puts a stop to it, reminding Julia that she’s not the
lesbian, and leaves Julia looking all turned on and confused. 

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