“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 67-69


Mariana tells Armando to warn her next time he wants to have pretend sex with her and Armando says he didn’t know what else to say.

They eventually move to the living room to drink some beers to discuss the silly notion of the two of them together.


Mariana tells him that she’s never pictured them together at all because he’s not at all her type.

Mariana: But you know what you did, don’t you? You opened up Pandora’s box. If Julia decides she wants a triangle threesome we’re screwed.
Armando: Well, I don’t think I’d have a problem with that. But you would, no?

Um. Ew? Mariana agrees that it’s gross and tells him good night. But Armando says he has to stay over because he let Ileana and Bruno borrow his apartment.

Alone in bed, Julia thinks deep thoughts …


And we all go to sleep. When we wake up, we’re in episode 69, and it’s morning. Yawn. Where’s my coffee?


Armando is being a good houseguest and folding up the sheets he used the night before. Mariana tries to get him to leave but instead of leaving, he sits down so they can talk further about their “joke” from the night before.

Mariana hopes that all the nonsense turns out to be useful in the end and that Julia stops thinking of herself as the bellybutton of the world (her words, not mine) and makes a decision. Armando points out that Julia, technically, already made her decision and asks if Mariana would be willing to share her if that turns out to be Julia’s final decision. Mariana doesn’t know.


Armando decides it’s time for coffee and Mariana points him to the kitchen. This is a self-serve bed and breakfast.

The phone rings and it’s Julia. She tried calling Armando but he wasn’t home and she figures it means he’s with Mariana. But she doesn’t want to know any details. She does, however, want to speak to them both. Can they make it? Of course they can.


Armando: Did you see? She called me first.

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