“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 67-69


Speaking of which, Julia decides to stop by Mariana’s to demand why she dropped off the money in an envelope instead of handing it to her directly. What does it all meeeean?!

Mariana: It doesn’t mean anything.
Julia: What do you mean it doesn’t mean anything? I’ve known you your entire life. Don’t act dumb.
Mariana: I have a lot of stuff to do. Why don’t we talk about this another day?

That doesn’t work, Mariana. We must all operate on Julia Aparicio Time. Don’t bother setting your watch, though, because JAT doesn’t stay the same for long.


Julia: You gave me the money in this envelope like … like …
Mariana: Like what, Julia? Like I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to see you? Think about it.

No time for thought, though, because it’s time for Armando to drop by unannounced. Let’s just say he’s none too happy to find Julia there.

Armando: I knew you were going to break our pact.
Julia: Pact? What pact?!


They try and fail to explain the pact to Julia. Armando says he just stopped by to return Mariana’s sock. Julia’s alarmed by the fact that one of Mariana’s socks ended up in Armando’s bedroom drawer.

Julia: I don’t understand anything!


Not to worry, Armando will explain.

Armando: Mariana spent the night at my house.
Julia: What?
Armando: Well these things they’re kind of … we drank a lot and you know how things are … kind of … unpredictable …


Julia demands that Mariana confirm what Armando said and she does.

Julia: Oh, okay, so now the two of you love each other, or what?

Mariana starts to answer because she looks totally freaked out by this entire conversation, but Armando interrupts her.

Armando: No I think it’s too early for that, isn’t it, Marianita?


Julia starts to say she doesn’t believe any of it because Mariana is gay. Mariana pipes in to say that she’s always believed that love is fluid and transcends gender. Armando tells Julia that now her V-shaped relationship turned into a closed triangle and that she needs to learn to control her jealousy and possessiveness.


Julia gets angry because she doesn’t believe what they’re saying (and definitely doesn’t want to believe what they’re saying). She asks Mariana to look at her and tell her the truth. Mariana is too freaked out to speak and refuses to look at her so Julia says she’s going to leave them alone to figure things out. But then she changes her mind and demands that Armando go with her because she refuses to leave Mariana alone with him.


Armando refuses to leave and tells Julia to talk to them later.

Julia leaves rather unhappily.

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