“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 67-69


Over at Armando’s, he and Mariana wake up with a massive hangover. Still, that doesn’t stop them from reaffirming their commitment to The Pact. It’s rock solid, yo.

Back at her apartment, Mariana finds memories of Julia everywhere, but thankfully Hernan drops by as a welcome distraction.


He asks what’s up, she says the usual. Since he’s not into riding the Crazytrain around Aparicioland, he suggests they watch a Charlie Chaplin movie.

Over at the gym, Julia runs into Armando, but he walks away from her after stealing her extra towel. Dude, she wanted BOTH OF THEM.


How very dare he.

In episode 68, we’re back with Hernan and Mariana. Poor Hernan didn’t manage to escape the Crazytrain after all, and so he’s forced to listen as Mariana tells him how Julia is more than just the love of her life; she’s her best friend and her family. Being without her is like walking around without a lung.


Hernan gives her a pep talk that goes something like, “Grrrrrl, none of that. You’re awesome and you don’t need a crazy ass lesbipolysexual making you think you’re half a potato.”

Hernan: You’re one of the most complete and able women I have ever known and you’re going to pull through.

Mmhmm. It’s not that I don’t believe that Mariana can live without Julia. It’s that I don’t believe that Mariana can live without Julia.

And vice versa.

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