“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 64-66

Later on she’s doing research on polyamorous relationships when she gets a visit from Armando and Mariana.


They have stopped by to tell Julia that they can’t do what she’s asking them to do because they love her and don’t want to share her or share themselves.

Mariana: You’re going to have to decide, Julia. It’s him … or me.


I know, Julia, how dare they! Don’t they know you’re the center of the universe? Unacceptable!

Since they obviously misunderstood what she wants from them she launches into another explanation about how she loves them both and needs to have them both because she can’t choose between them.

Duh, you guys.

Rafaela accidentally overhears Julia’s monologue about her Uniquely Indiscriminate Feelings and retreats back to her lair to plan out Armando’s demise.


Mariana and Armando are both losing patience with Julia and tell her that she’s got until that evening to make a decision. Pick one of them OR ELSE.

Later on, Rafaela tries to broach the subject with Julia but they end up just yelling at each other because Julia doesn’t want her mother involved in her polyamorous decisions.

Julia: What’s happening, mom, is that I’m in love with two people and they can’t understand that and they’re making me choose between them.

Those selfish bastards.


Rafaela tells Mariana to scoot over in the WTF car of the choo-choo train of confusion and yells at Julia to stop treating Armando and Mariana like objects instead of human beings. She’s worried about Julia’s inability to make decisions.

Julia: I’ve made a decision. The problem is that no one wants to support that decision. So, I don’t know what to do.

Then she says she has to go because she’s got a lot of things to do. Like, figure out how to get two people who hate each other into a relationship with her.

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