“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 64-66

The next day, Mariana finds herself alone, in bed, talking to an imaginary Julia.


Mariana: Okay, Julia, this is about love, no? And I, I love you … and … you’re my everything and you’re my person and even if you aren’t my everything because I have to share you … it’s okay …


Then the imaginary Julia replies.

Mariana (as Imaginary Julia): Oh, thank you, Mariana. You have no idea how much I love you…

Mariana (as Armando): And I you, flaca … I love you more and I love you better and I love you like man…

And then she beats up the pillow and yells in frustration. And oh, look who just showed up to witness this display of raw emotion …


No, not Dexter.

This guy:


Armando tells her that if it makes her feel better, he feels the same way. He asks what they’re going to do and Mariana tells him that everyone’s on their own and that Julia is going to have to decide because the three of them don’t fit in one bed. Armando agrees.

I agree, too.

But hey, you know who’s not suffering? Julia.


She’s rather enjoying her time with her family until Aurelia and Rafaela start asking her about Mariana and whether she’s going to go see her on her day off and whether she misses her or not. Julia avoids the subject by refusing to give a clear answer and leaving.

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