“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 61-63


Mariana and Armando crack open some beers and discuss the situation. Armando then says things that make us want to punch him in the face.


Armando: I think we’re all a bit confused here. But what Julia and I have … geez, that’s true love, while what you two have is a nice friendship, a beautiful friendship and I’m sure it’s going to last for the rest of your lives.
Mariana: What are you trying to say?
Armando: That I’m seeing an opportunity here, between Julia and me, and I’m asking you to let us take it.

Mariana tells him that he wasn’t listening because what Julia wants is to have them both. Armando asks whether she’d be willing to go along with that.


Mariana says it’s not in her nature to go out with more than one person at a time and that maybe Armando is used to juggling various women. Armando says it’s the first time this has happened to him and that the only reason he’s considering it is because he loves Julia.

Mariana: That’s not love.
Armando: You don’t believe me? Fine.

Armando leaves and Mariana reclaims her title as the Queen of Suffering.


All hail the Queen!

Meanwhile, Julia wanders around her mom’s house dodging direct questions.

Rafaela: Don’t you miss Marianita?
Julia: Yes, yes I do miss her.

Are you sure, Julia? Because maybe you don’t. Maybe you only think you do. Perhaps you should look through some more pictures and make sure.


Later on, Julia goes to hang out with Mercedes, who’s getting ready to infiltrate Alma’s escort service lair. She has recently discovered Alma’s secret career and has a lot of complicated feelings on the subject.

Since Mercedes can’t say anything about the escort service or what her plans actually are, and Julia doesn’t want to talk about the fact that she wants a threesome with her girlfriend and ex-boyfriend, the conversation goes absolutely nowhere.

Julia decides to drop in on her more open-minded sister.


Alma: Mariana or Armando?
Julia: Both.

Always both.

Julia goes on to tell Alma how she told Mariana and Armando that she wanted them both and how their reaction was to threaten her and mock her and that the only thing she could do was run out the door.


Coming Soon: The Julia Aparicio Guide to Cheating on Your Significant Other, Admitting You Want To Sleep With More Than One Person At a Time, and Still Come Out Looking Like the Victim by Julia Aparicio.

Alma asks Julia what she intends to do now and Julia asks if she’s got anything to drink. Alma’s got tequila, and I sure hope she’s got enough for all of us.

Meanwhile, Mariana is helping Hernan with some saving-the-world stuff. Hernan notices that Mariana is a little off and convinces her to talk to him.


Mariana: Julia came by and confessed to me, well, confessed to both Armando and me that she wants to be with us both.


Hernan: With you both…

He has no words. I have no words. Julia is drunk. Armando is– well, who cares?

And that, my friends, is where we leave this recap. Still with me? Don’t leave me all alone!

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