“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 61-63


In episode 63, we pick up more or less where we left off, except the awkward conversation has now moved to the patio.


Mariana: How many fingers do I have here, Julia, because from where I’m standing, your perception of reality is distorted or something or you’re sick … she’s sick … she has to be sick.
Armando: No, she’s not sick. She’s just confused, isn’t that right, Julia? Because of what happened between us the other day.

Oh, right. The cheating. Knew we were forgetting something.


Mariana: What happened the other day?
Julia: I slept with him.

Julia then rambles out an apology which isn’t so much an apology as her going on and on about how she can’t help but want them both and how she doesn’t know if it’s a sin or if it’s abnormal but she can’t help it and blah blah blah.


Julia: … and I feel that what I need is to have you both…


Julia: … I feel that I love you and that I need you…


Julia: … and that’s that.

Nothing good comes from this conversation, because Mariana and Armando are both upset. They don’t know what Julia wants to do now with this whole thing and Julia doesn’t know either. Well, she does know, she wants them both. She just doesn’t know how to ask for that directly because that might be crossing the line. So it’s better that she just let them figure it out on their own.

Mariana: You are so selfish.

Armando tries to make peace by inviting Julia back to his apartment so they can “talk” about it. Julia starts to cry and use reverse psychology. When you’re in this deep you absolutely need to do both at the same time.


Julia: I shouldn’t have told you anything. I should be like everyone else in the world, who lie and sleep with one and sleep with the other and it doesn’t matter … as long as no one finds out. That’s what I should’ve done just to avoid this whole mess. Instead of trying to be honest and trying to fix this somehow… I’m sorry.

Goodbye, cruel, monogamous world!


Coming soon: The Julia Aparicio Guide to Getting People To Do Stuff They Don’t Want to Do While Making Them Think They Actually Want To Do It by Julia Aparicio.

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