“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 58-60

Over at the Bad Place, Julia is asking Armando whether this dirty guilt is how he always felt after sleeping around on her.


Julia: I guess it was true when you told me that you couldn’t control yourself.

Sigh. I would like to buy a first class, one-way ticket out of this storyline. Who’s with me?

Armando says that the only thing that can’t be controlled between them is their Feeeelings. Julia insists she’s with Mariana and that she can’t do this to her.

Um, a little late for that, Julia.


But back to the feelings. Does Julia love Mariana more? Is he just a piece of meat to her? Does she just want him for his buttcrack?

Armando, what are you doing trying to get Julia to give clear answers? Have you met her? Julia doesn’t know. She doesn’t know what she feels. She’s … what’s that word again? Oh, yes. Confused.

Armando: Are you going to tell her what happened between us?

She’s not sure. She first has to figure out what’s going on with her and Armando.

Over at Casa Wilson Torres, Mariana and Hernan are still talking about being misfits which leads Mariana to wonder if there’s a place where misfits like them fit in. Hernan tells her to write the word “misfit” on a post-it note.


It turns out that two of them have the almost the exact same handwriting. How cute!

And so we end with a happy Mariana, who doesn’t yet know that her bff-slash-love just spent the day rubbing uglies with whats-his-face. Oh, blissful ignorance.

It’s going to be a long, painful ride to Happily Ever After. But we’ll make it.

I think.

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