“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 58-60

A little later, Julia is rehearsing lines like, “I can’t choose. I want you both. What’s wrong with that?” Wow. It’s like this series is talking about her life. Dude. Heavy.

It’s a good time for Armando to call and tell her about the dream he had, which, coincidentally is just like the dream Julia had. What does it all mean?? We don’t get to find out because Julia hangs up on him.


Mariana, meanwhile, is at the Atelier doing her very best to annoy Ileana. Hernan shows up for the 12 o’clock showing of Ileana the Homophobic Barista vs. Mariana the Gay Lesbian.

Mariana: I’m going to tell you a little something about Miss Ileana. She’s so paranoid with us, the gays, that she’s even scared of me following her on Twitter.

Regardless of Ileana’s homophobic tendencies she does have a secret heart of gold that she shows once in a while, like when she told Hernan about those jerks that harassed Mariana. Hernan tells her that he’s really grateful to her for telling him about that.


Mariana: Whatever your motivations were.
Ileana: Hey, it’s not like I’m the villain of the story. It may be that you and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things but I also don’t want anyone to hurt you.

Mariana says that merits a hug and Ileana allows it for about half a second before she walks away as quickly as possible.

I think Ileana is my favorite TV homophobe.

Alas, we’re back to the Bad Place. The really, really bad place. And it looks a bit like…


… this.

There was the slim hope that this was just another of Julia’s dream-fantasies, but sadly, this is actually happening.

And it only gets worse from there.


Oh, Julia. You fail so much at life right now.

Over at the apartment, Hernan and Mariana are sharing a beer and talking about the clinics that Hernan wants to open with the help of Leonardo. Mariana would like to volunteer her time and help because she thinks that what they’re doing is really important and she would like to be a part of it.

From there they talk about how Mariana used to dress like a Russian farmer and she tells Hernan that Frank (her mom’s husband) used to call her “Little Miss Misfit” because she never fit into the role that was expected of her.


Hernan says that he can relate to the whole notion of not fitting in and that even though she was only a little girl when he left, he still felt like she was the only one who understood him. He then launches into a monologue about how he never fit into his expected roles either and could never worry about the things his friends worried about – big salaries and new cars – because he was always too aware and preoccupied with the terrible things happening in the world.

Hernan: Tell you what. If you won’t accept my last name, I’ll accept yours: Mr. Misfit.


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