“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 58-60

And thanks to the power of the collective unconscious, Armando wakes up from the same dream and instantly dials Julia’s number. Because when you dream about having a threesome with someone you instantly want to tell them all about it. That’s how restraining orders happen. Just saying.


He changes his mind.

Armando: (to himself) Don’t do it.

Post-threesome-dream dialing: the anti-Nike.

Over at Mariana’s, Julia’s also in the mood to share.

Julia: I had a dream.
Mariana: A nightmare?
Julia: No. Actually, the opposite.
Mariana: And I suppose Armando was in it.

(Julia nods while yawning)

Julia: You were also there.
Mariana: No. Nooo … a threesome? With that ass?

Julia starts to say that she feels bad, but Mariana is extremely understanding about the whole thing and admits that sometimes she has sex dreams about Dany.


Well, that woke Julia up.

Mariana tries to make it better by telling Julia her dreams don’t involve threesomes, which somehow makes things worse.

Julia: You can’t dream about Dany without me being present in the dream!

Mariana asks if it’s okay to have sex dreams about Dany if Julia is present and Julia says yes.


Mariana: Then let’s get to bed because I really like the sound of that dream!

And we get some cute time.


However, the Bad Place is alive and well in Julia’s mind, and so while later we get some sexy massage-time again…


… it is not without damage to our delicate psyches.


I don’t know how I lived this long without seeing Armando’s buttcrack again.

We begin episode 60 with our girls imitating each other, which is really cute, even though there’s no dialogue in this scene.


Later on, Mariana has to take some food over to the Atelier, leaving Julia behind to rehearse her lines and daydream some more about inappropriate things.


The second Mariana leaves, Imaginary Armando is standing naked in the living room, which probably means that nothing good can possibly come from this episode.


Here, take my hand. We’ll get through this.

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