“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 58-60


This is called stalking, Armando.

Julia: What are you doing here?
Armando: Proving that I’m not worth anything.

He came all the way over there to tell them he’s emo. Thanks, Armando. Ever heard of a Facebook status update?


Blah blah his life sucks because he got kicked off the team and the WHOLE WORLD hates him and now he can’t even get a decent one-night stand with a chick he already err, made love to sweetly … in the past … and he turned his ex-girlfriend into a raving lesbian and a lot of other terrible things. Woe. Sad face.

The problem with this whole scene, aside from the fact that none of us care about Armando’s life, is that Julia does care. A lot.


Mariana tries to get out of this whole thing by saying she’s going to pick up Julia’s script but then Armando calls her back.

Armando: I want to apologize to both of you, okay? I’m screwed up and you don’t deserve this.


Well played, Armando. By the way, Dr. Evil is on line two. He wants his laser-beam sharks back.

This brings us to episode 59, where we find our lovely ladies on Mariana’s futon. Julia is rehearsing her lines but she’s having trouble concentrating because she feels guilty that she’s doing this show without Mariana and it makes her feel weird and also she feels bad about how Armando showed up at the set.


Julia: I don’t know if I want to do this, and even less without you.

Mariana reminds her that she already signed the contract and that backing out would show a lack of respect for everyone: the production team, Julia and even Mariana.

Mariana: As best friends, we were joined together by the belly button and now as a couple it’s more about supporting each other and encouraging the other to do what they like to do. You’ve got your thing.
Julia: And yours?
Mariana: Doesn’t matter.


Later on, Mariana is watching more war movies or maybe war YouTube clips of men shooting loud firearms. This probably makes her feel closer to Hernan, but it’s making it hard for Julia to work on her lines. Like the good girlfriend that she is, Mariana puts on her headphones.

Julia goes back to her lines, the next of which reads, “We’re going to be okay, right?”

She glances at Mariana and repeats the line quietly.


Are you going to be okay? I don’t know. Hang on, let me consult my magic 8 ball.


Phew. It’s all good, you guys.

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