“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57


Then we move on to the following morning, where Mariana is still on the computer, but has now moved from the bed to her desk.


Julia: On Twitter so early?

Mariana: No. I was just reading some things. How are you?

Julia: Good. And you?

Mariana: Good.

Julia: How did it go with Hernan?

Mariana: Good. A little intense, but good.

Julia brings over the script for that TV series that we all forgot about. They only have one hour to prepare for it and Mariana doesn’t even know what it’s about. Julia tells her. It’s basically about two friends who fight over the same guy and also (FORESHADOWING ALERT) the question of whether or not it’s possible for there to exist love between three people.

Mariana says it sounds cool, but Julia thinks it sounds lame.

Julia: TV writers have no imagination! Everything is always about a love triangle. Why don’t they write about a foursome or a sixsome or something like that … something more original.

Mariana: Don’t joke. It’s already complicated enough without adding a third, fourth or sixth —

Julia: Well yeah. But imagine how much fun it will be. You and me, fighting over a man. That hasn’t happened in like a thousand years.

Mariana: A thousand? More like never.


Julia brings up an Abraham from their youth that she insists Mariana had a crush on, except that Mariana insists she did not have a crush on him; she just wanted to steal his Power Rangers lunchbox. Julia gives up on the argument but says that regardless, Mariana is going to have to do something she hasn’t done in many years.

Mariana: What’s that?

Julia: Kiss a man.

Mariana: No!


But yes. It’s in the script.

Mariana: What if he has a beard? No. I have a better idea. What if you and I rehearse that scene?

Julia: But I can’t help you. I don’t have a beard, my love.



That’s what I call having a leg up on the competition. Hahaha. Ahem. Sorry.

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