“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57



Armando tells Julia he can’t help himself because he has a lot of feelings.

Julia: You have to understand that you and I are no longer together. You have to understand that, seriously.

Armando wants to make their friendship bigger. I don’t know what that means. I guess he wants it to take over the universe, like the blob. Julia tells him to please stop kissing her, then, because all it does is confuse her.

Back at Mariana’s, Hernan is still breaking everyone’s hearts. He tells Mariana about how he lost his love, the female doctor he met during the war. He was forced to leave her behind at her insistence in order to help some patients get to safety. There were some patients that were not in any condition to be moved so his girlfriend insisted on staying behind with them. When he went back for her, he found that she, the patients, and a couple of the volunteers that remained had all been killed.


Hernan: I was left with three terrible regrets: having killed those two kids … letting my partner die … and never having met you.

*hands out tissues*


Mariana: To me, you’re a hero. I am so grateful that you told me all of this. I’m so sorry.

Hernan tells her that he wants to win back all the time lost between them, even though he knows that time is the thing you can never get back. He promises to be a really loving father from now on.


In episode 57, we pick things up with Julia and Mariana in bed together, which, sadly, sounds far more exciting than it actually is. Mariana is looking at war videos online and Julia is beside her, looking — I don’t know. Like she’s probably fantasizing about Armando.


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